Protected Communities. Driver Well-Being. Sustainable Business

Unified Transport Systems work with highway based passenger transport services and public authorities to create connected, sustainable and efficient transport networks.

We work with:

  • drivers in the taxi and private hire trade
  • independent bus providers
  • demand responsive transport operators
  • pedal powered transport services


We offer a range of professional services including:

  • driver training
  • support in reporting incidents, crimes and safety concerns
  • business policy development and consultation
  • support and advice on taxi and private hire issues
  • Local Authority consultancy and bespoke training design services
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Learning with Unified

Online, e-learning and classroom based course

Unified deliver a range of training courses designed to help drivers make the most of their businesses and to make sure that all our transport services are supporting the community as much as they can. We deliver online, e-learning and classroom based courses in:

  • safe-guarding
  • infection control
  • disability awareness
  • customer service
  • local travel and tourism
  • law and regulation

Find out more by taking a look at our online training courses.

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About our driver support service

You can rely on Unified. You can trust Unified.

Who can use our reporting service?

Our bespoke reporting service exists to help drivers and vehicle owners quickly and easily report concerns or problems.

We want it to be easy for professional drivers to get the help they need when things go wrong.

You can use our reporting form to tell us about:

  • incidents of abuse
  • non-payment of fare
  • criminal damage
  • fraud
  • safety concerns

We will support you in investigating, reporting and ensuring that your concerns are correctly dealt with.

What do we cover?

As well as working with public authorities to design better transport networks, we work with trade members to make sure that individual drivers are aware of their rights and are being treated as trusted professionals.

We are not a union or an association. You are not required to be a member of our service or to pay any fee or subscription. We will help individuals, groups or companies at any time if they need us.

What do you have to do?

Click the button below to report a problem.

Don’t worry if you only have a small amount of information – just a few simple facts like the date, time and journey route could be enough to track down an offender.