Local Authority ‘Future Mobility/Active Travel’ Consultancy

We are at the start of a transport revolution.

Introducing new services to old networks is a tricky business. How do we work towards a future where more people choose active travel as their preferred means of travel? Do you need asssistance in creating an Inclusive Service Plan?

Unified can help make sure your local plans have the best chance of success before you commit to significant expenditure. To truly succeed at creating a multi-modal active travel network we must offer the widest choice of alternatives with the greatest range of flexibility.

Our specialist training services provide officers and members with up-to-date knowledge of key issues and effective solutions.

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Skills for Professional Drivers

Online, e-learning or classroom based courses for all levels.

Our Safe.Cab and Hummingbird accredited professional driver training is suitable for all small and medium-sized passenger or goods carrying independent transport businesses.

The online, e-learning and classroom based tutor courses provide all the information needed to support driver well-being, community health and passenger safety.

For public authorities our courses bring regulatory peace of mind

  • increased safety and local well-being
  • reduced incidents and complaints
  • growing economic resilience
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Create your own bespoke course using our expertise

Generate income by delivering training in-house.

We know that our training services are great.

We also know there is sometimes a need for a solution powered by area specific intelligence.

Why not work together to combine knowledge and create a tailored course for your service providers?

Using our specialist content and image library we can work with you to build training packages suitable for delivery by your staff. Once licensed there are no ongoing fees. The choice of how best to use to the course is entirely up to you.

Image showing Bespoke Training Course Design Service Brochure. The Brochure explains the features of the service and shows images from example course templates.

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Building truly protected communities

Use our Safety Report Form in your area.

Drivers are often victims of crime, have difficult safeguarding decisions to make or find themselves in dangerous or stressful situations. Having help in dealing with these issues is crucial in building and protecting community well-being.

Unique. Highly secure. Our Safety Report Form was designed using our extensive knowledge of community safety needs combined with feedback from hundreds of conversations with licence holders.

Directly supporting the work we do on our driver safeguarding training, Unified’s specialist, vetted staff assess incident reports and assist drivers in sending information to the correct authorities without delay.

Our Safety Report Form is available as a standalone service to help you safeguard your residents, businesses and visitors. Contact us now to find out more.

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