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Professional driver training

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Professional driver training

Achieving higher skills should lead to more work and higher profits.

Our Safe.Cab and Hummingbird accredited professional driver training is suitable for all small and medium-sized passenger or goods carrying independent transport businesses.

Easy to use e-learning, online and classroom based training, supported by tutors with extensive experience of the sectors, our courses provide all the information needed to support driver well-being, build stronger businesses and protect community health.


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Supporting better business

We work with trusted firms to provide drivers with all the tools needed to build and run a successful, sustainable business from the very start of your journey.

From deals on essential products to access to new marketplaces, Unified provides it all in one place.

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Whole community well-being

We hope you’ll never have any problems as a professional driver and business owner, but if you do, Unified will have the asnwer.

With over 20 years experience of dealing with taxi and private hire regualtory issues, criminal and civil investigations and highly sensitive safeguarding issues, you can be assured of the very best support whatever the problem.

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Future transport planning

Unified work with public bodies, transport providers and customers to create and suppport the transport networks our communities need.

Whether public or private enterprise, we can help you to create the training, policies and procedures for sustainable, environmentally friendly and community-supporting success.

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My Cab, my rules!…No, not quite.

Being a cab driver is great The freedom of the (sort of) open road. The flexibility to choose when to go to work. Being your own boss. It’s a major reason people tell us they are entering the trade and long may it continue. However, the ‘my cab, my rules’ view of things we sometimes [...]

Apps, booking platforms and street hails

To App or not to App, that is the question Technology can be helpful Over the past few days there has been a lot of discussion among the hackney carriage trade over what it means for taxis to join ride hailing apps. As someone who has worked in the trade since before the days of [...]

Encouraging the use of CCTV in taxi and private hire vehicles

Instead of making CCTV compulsory, why don't we help professional drivers to fully understand the benefit of a good security system? CCTV I have been thinking a lot about CCTV recently, especially in light of the Department for Transport’s Taxi Standards, 2020, and the requirement that all licensing authorities should: ‘consult to identify if there [...]

Freeing up space on our crowded roads

We need to rethink our approach to small and medium size transport provision if we want to free up space on our crowded roads. Birdsong By the end of March 2020, as the country endured the first lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic, one small but significant positive emerged from the darkness. From across the country [...]