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!IMPORTANT! – This is not an emergency response service. If you, or any person, is at immediate risk of harm, do not use this form – call 999

Report a security or safety concern

We can support you in making a complaint or reporting a safety concern.

We understand that drivers are at risk. We can help by providing support and advice when you have any kind of problem. Working together, we can help to improve safety for all drivers and our communities.

We can help you to report –


Safe-guarding concerns

Security concerns

Incidents of criminal behaviour

plying for hire/touting issues

Misuse of taxi ranks/dedicated e-taxi chargers

Wrongly issued parking/bus lane fines

Other licensing issues


You do not need to fill in all the boxes if you do not know the answer or you do not want to. You do not need to fill in your contact details. It is still worth completing the report as even the smallest amount of information could help to trace an offender or make a huge difference in keeping your community and fellow drivers safe.